Monday, 23 April 2012

A catch up

This is a bit of a catch up as I've been away all weekend. I meant to take photos of what I wore whilst up in Liverpool, but this is as far as we got. Too much alcohol caused some memory loss I fear. Nothing really new or exciting here - apart from my new spotty shoes. You have to love a polka dot, no?

We were out all day, wandering Liverpool, but I knew the plan was to stay out and have a few beverages and some food, so I didn't want to look like too much of a tramp.

Black Skinny Jeans (24 and almost threadbare) - ASOS Curve
Polka Dot Smoking Slippers - Dorothy Perkins
Gold Foil Lace T-shirt (20) - Dorothy Perkins
Zebra print snood - Dorothy Perkins
Parka (20) - Evans (past season)

In other news, I am still trying to wear my new favourite trousers from ASOS. Instead of grey I've tried Coral and Red & White. I think the last is my favourite, maybe?

Coral Fluted Sleeve T-shirt (18) - New Look
Sparkle Giraffe Pendant - New Look 
Shoes - New Look (last season)

Top & Cardigan as seen here
Shoes - New Look (last season)

Turns out Navy trousers are quite versatile after all. Who knew?