Monday, 23 March 2015

Feeling good....

I've not posted any outfit photos for ages. I've had a period of hating all of my clothes which lead to a massive clear out, wearing mainly black and  a few purchases (mostly shoes).

I'm going through a bit of a confidence crisis at the moment, which is totally not like me at all, so I'm going to post a few photos of outfits where I've actually felt quite good. Maybe it will encourage a bit more self appreciation.

Nothing earth shattering here, I tend to have a uniform of jeans/trousers and a top with a cardigan, but I'm trying to deviate away from my standards... (failing somewhat - there is definitely a theme!!)

Number 1

I've had these joggers for ages and never really worn them - until I saw the lovely Mrs BeBe rocking hers and I had to dig them out. They are so comfy, yet look like smart trousers. Winner. 

Black check joggers (24)  -New Look 
Black cross back vest (24) - New Look
Khaki longline cardigan (24) - New Look (sold out)
Point flats - New Look

Number 2

I have lived in this leather biker jacket since I bought it over Christmas in the ASOS sale. It's so versatile and great at this time of the year when the weather can't make it's mind up.

Jeans (26) - Junarose
Drape back, cross front top (22) - Boohoo
Leather Jacket (24) - ASOS (similar)
Scarf - Mulberry 
Shoes - Shoes of Prey

Number 3

I recently developed an obsession with lace up flat shoes. I also seem to have developed very expensive taste when it comes to them. These ones are so comfy, but I really cannot justify to even myself, how much I paid for them. Still, they look nice....

 Jeans (24)  - Junarose
T-shirt (26) - New Look
Khaki cardigan (24) - New Look (out of stock)
Shoes - Selfridges

Number 4

These lace up flats are a bit more of reasonable in price, but still not at all cheap. I love how you can wear them with jeans and instantly make an outfit look a bit more put together. Even when I'm wearing ripped jeans and a vest. I've now ordered them in orange too - which will take my lace up flat collection to 4 pairs. OTT much?

Jeans (26)  - Junarose
Orange cross back vest (24)  - New Look
Navy Cardigan (XL) - Gap (ancient)
Shoes - Boden

Number 5

And finally, I was at a Christening yesterday and became a Godmother. I have a million dresses that have all been worn once to various functions, but I wanted this dress as soon as I saw it posted by Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. The fit is not great on me as I am a total pear shape. It's too big on the arms and shoulders, but fits great everywhere else (I probably should have gone for the 20) I also managed to break the belt immediately, but I had so many compliments on it that I felt really good all day. 

Cosette dress (22/24)  - Lady V
Paisley net tights - Pamela Mann
Shoes - New Look