Saturday, 19 October 2013

Autumn uniform

Can we talk about the weather? It should be a bit chilly and it's not. It's playing havoc with my wardrobe as I just can't get my temperature right, I'm expecting cold and it's anything but.

I seem to have adopted an autumn uniform - Jeans, boots, vest & a cardigan. Not overly thrilling, right? But some outfits just feel good and these are 2 of them. Nothing amazing or fashion worthy really, although I very much seem to have a penchant for wearing see-through tops with very colourful bra's on show for work. I think I'm rebelling against being one of the boys.

These maternity jeans are my all time favourite ever. They are skinny, don't sag and have the comfiest waist band ever (not over the bump style) but sadly they no longer do them. I need to find some alternatives when these become thread bare. Any suggestions?

Black Jeans (22) - Dorothy Perkins Maternity
Grey Vest (18) - Tesco
Burgundy Cardigan (20) - Primark
Studded Boots - M&S
Royal Blue Bra - Ann Summers (who knew they did big booby bras??)

These jeans of dreams are still awesome. I've also invested in the boot of dreams from Simply Be.


Red Vest (XL) - H&M
Ripped Jeans (24) - Junarose
Boots - Simply Be
Cardigan (18) - Matalan
Red Bra - Bravissimo

What are your favourite outfit combinations at the moment while  the weather is not doing what it should be?

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Magnificent 7th - Polka Dot

7th October, already? Where on earth has this year gone. 

So this months theme is Polka dot. I have a massive love for all things Polka dot and I expected to find a plethora of items in my wardrobe. This was not the case.... However, I did find this forgotten skirt hidden in the depths. I've not really worn it that much as it goes a bit white when stretched over my thighs, but with a longer top, it actually felt ok. I was dressed for Autumn today and was positively roasting - pleather jacket and sun is not ideal.

Excuse my tired face and crap quality photo's, I'm recovering from a weekend spent in bed with a bad cold and this was after a full day of work. I need to take photo's during day light to avoid having the glare of the hall light making me look haunted.

Ooh and check out our new wallpaper - isn't it amazing?? Yes, it's dog print. 

Polka Dot Pencil Skirt (20) - Matalan
Lace Tights (28-32) - Miss Difusa
Black long sleeved top (18) - Primark
Pleather Biker Jacket (22) - New Look
Robin Print Scarf - Tu @ Sainsburys
Shoes - Primark

Now go check out the other ladies:



Thursday, 3 October 2013

Life lately

I've been a tad rubbish  at this old blogging of late. Life is mental, but I've been shopping like there's no tomorrow so I have lots of new clothes. I'm now enforcing a spending ban on myself for fear of bankruptcy.

I found a load of photo's (of dubious quality) on my phone so I may as well share some of my most recent purchases.

I've so many pairs of these jersey peg trousers from ASOS, they are the most comfy things ever. Like wearing PJ's for work.

Heart print peg trousers (24) - ASOS Curve
Swing Vest (22) - ASOS Curve
Cardigan (20) - M&S
Studded Flats - Matalan

These jeans from Junarose are my absolute favourite jeans at the moment. I've worn them to death since they arrived. I'm considering buying more jeans from them as the quality is amazing.

Ripped Boyfried Jeans (24) - Junarose
Swing Top (22) - ASOS Curve
Red Boots - M&S 
Red Bag - Mulberry

This peplum top is really pretty, I've worn it on a night out without the vest underneath, but it's very sheer, so a no go for work like that :)

Navy Cardigan (18) - Next
Floral Peplum top (22) - One one three
Studded Shoes - Steve Madden
Boyfriend Jeans (24) - New Look Inspire

My quest for a slouchy fit jumper continues, I really want an oversized yet flattering jumper, but I'm really struggling to find such a thing. This one from Carmakoma is pretty good, but a bit more fitted than I wanted. Maybe I should have sized up. If anyone knows of anywhere selling oversized knits, please let me know!

Star Print Jumper (22) - Carmakoma @ ASOS Curve
Jeggings (22) - Dorothy Perkins Maternity range
Red Flats - New Look.

So there we go. What have you all been buying lately?