Wednesday 7 October 2015

Falling out of love

As you can tell by the radio silence, I fell out of love with fashion for a while. I have ideas in my head of how I want outfits to look, but I can rarely find the clothes I need to make those outfits work. Anyway, it's now freezing so all change on the clothes front for Autumn. Hopefully I'll fall back in love with clothes soon....

There have been a few outfits I've enjoyed wearing and have felt good in so I'm posting them in an attempt to inspire myself...

Mulberry Bag

Boden Shoes

Boohoo Top

ASOS Curve top

Monday 23 March 2015

Feeling good....

I've not posted any outfit photos for ages. I've had a period of hating all of my clothes which lead to a massive clear out, wearing mainly black and  a few purchases (mostly shoes).

I'm going through a bit of a confidence crisis at the moment, which is totally not like me at all, so I'm going to post a few photos of outfits where I've actually felt quite good. Maybe it will encourage a bit more self appreciation.

Nothing earth shattering here, I tend to have a uniform of jeans/trousers and a top with a cardigan, but I'm trying to deviate away from my standards... (failing somewhat - there is definitely a theme!!)

Number 1

I've had these joggers for ages and never really worn them - until I saw the lovely Mrs BeBe rocking hers and I had to dig them out. They are so comfy, yet look like smart trousers. Winner. 

Black check joggers (24)  -New Look 
Black cross back vest (24) - New Look
Khaki longline cardigan (24) - New Look (sold out)
Point flats - New Look

Number 2

I have lived in this leather biker jacket since I bought it over Christmas in the ASOS sale. It's so versatile and great at this time of the year when the weather can't make it's mind up.

Jeans (26) - Junarose
Drape back, cross front top (22) - Boohoo
Leather Jacket (24) - ASOS (similar)
Scarf - Mulberry 
Shoes - Shoes of Prey

Number 3

I recently developed an obsession with lace up flat shoes. I also seem to have developed very expensive taste when it comes to them. These ones are so comfy, but I really cannot justify to even myself, how much I paid for them. Still, they look nice....

 Jeans (24)  - Junarose
T-shirt (26) - New Look
Khaki cardigan (24) - New Look (out of stock)
Shoes - Selfridges

Number 4

These lace up flats are a bit more of reasonable in price, but still not at all cheap. I love how you can wear them with jeans and instantly make an outfit look a bit more put together. Even when I'm wearing ripped jeans and a vest. I've now ordered them in orange too - which will take my lace up flat collection to 4 pairs. OTT much?

Jeans (26)  - Junarose
Orange cross back vest (24)  - New Look
Navy Cardigan (XL) - Gap (ancient)
Shoes - Boden

Number 5

And finally, I was at a Christening yesterday and became a Godmother. I have a million dresses that have all been worn once to various functions, but I wanted this dress as soon as I saw it posted by Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. The fit is not great on me as I am a total pear shape. It's too big on the arms and shoulders, but fits great everywhere else (I probably should have gone for the 20) I also managed to break the belt immediately, but I had so many compliments on it that I felt really good all day. 

Cosette dress (22/24)  - Lady V
Paisley net tights - Pamela Mann
Shoes - New Look

Monday 22 December 2014

Dressing up

I am not a dress girl. They're just not something I feel overly comfortable in, jeans are my thing (and the fact I have around 40 pairs is testament to that) but this Christmas I saw a couple of dresses that really caught my eye and I decided to bite the bullet.

The first one I wore to a wedding, it's a gorgeous dress and really quite long which is good for me as I am most conscious about my legs. The downside being  that I had to wear heels with it and me and heels are not friends. I could (should) have probably sized down in this dress as it wasn't the best fit on me, but it's still a beautiful dress and I felt pretty good in it all the same. I wore it with my Orange coat from Evans which I am currently in love with. The heels lasted all of about an hour.

No idea why Matt is pulling this ridiculous face.... 

Orange Coat (24) - Evans
Shoes - M&S

The second dress that is totally (and I mean completely) out of my comfort zone is this stunning ASOS sequin dress. It's body con - which is pretty full on and it's very booby, but I wore this for my work Christmas party and after a few glasses of wine, I wasn't too concerned with the tightness of it.... I did wear these amazing adjustable waist pants from Asda underneath which helped keep everything in check. They don't seem to be in stock anymore but I'd definitely recommend them if they come back in stock. I wore it with my really long ASOS Jersey cardigan for my own comfort, but again. after much wine, that was also removed... 

Sequin Dress (24) - ASOS
Longline cardigan (24) - ASOS
Shoes - New Look

Friday 3 October 2014

All a bit meh....

I've fallen out of love with my wardrobe of late. I am not sure if it's the descent into Autumn, but I'm just struggling with what to wear. I'm mainly feeling rubbish about myself and I am not overly sure why. I have all kinds of ideas of outfits that I want to wear and then when I put them together, they just don't feel right.

These are the outfits I've felt the best in of late. No overly inspiring, huh?

Jeans - Junarose
Shoes - Aquazzura

Grey Jeans - ASOS
Oversize Top - ASOS
Pleather Biker Jacket - New Look
Scarf - Gap
Bag - Mulberry

Jumper - Evans
Necklace - Ebay

Jeans - ASOS
Vest - Tesco
Necklace - Ebay
Shoes - Aquazzura

I'm on the hunt for my perfect jumper (which has been a never ending quest for at least 2 years). I want slouchy, but sexy, not something that looks like a sack, but it doesn't seem to exist. This Yours jumper is the closest I've got, but it's a bit on the massive side.

Jumper - Yours Clothing
Jeans - Junarose
Shoes - ASOS

It's just all a bit meh...

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Weekend away

I've just spent the weekend in Birmingham with the husband, the rentals and my godparents. All very lovely. I spend a lot of time away but I do have a tendency to over pack. I made a massive effort not to do that this weekend and managed with just the following essentials.

2 tops 
1 jacket
A jumpsuit
2 x shoes

plus the necessaries (pants etc. commando is not my style and an PJ's - I have a phobia of sleeping in hotels without pyjamas). 

Night out number 1:

Let's completely brush over just how much money I spent on these shoes. I absolutely adore them, but I can't even begin to justify how much  they cost. So let's imagine they were a bargain. (Husband, if you are reading this, let's pretend you haven't). They're flat and a little bit awesome. 

I think I'm dancing.... 

Jeans (26) - Junarose
Vest (XL) - H&M
Jacket (26) - Simply Be
Shoes - Acquazzurra 
Bra (blatently on show throught the top) - M&S

 Night out number 2:

Oh Jumpsuit, how I love you. I have so many now and I am obsessed. They are so comfy and easy to wear. Especially good when you have a big meal planned (which is always my plan).

 Jumpsuit (24) - ASOS
Cardigan (24) - Yours
Shoes - Acquazzurra 
Necklace - Ebay

Day 2 - Casual:

I love this top, but I wish it was bit longer. I feel like I'm forever pulling it down. And these shoes... well they're essentially carpet slippers. What's not to love?

Floral Swing top (24) - Boohoo 
Jeans (26) - Junarose
Plimsolls - New Look

Tuesday 15 July 2014

after dark all cats are leopards

I'm supposed to be on a spending ban, but I am completely incapable of it. It's like my credit card has a little voice calling to me constantly from my purse.

I rarely go 'shopping' since I spend my entire life online, but my mother is a big fan, so last time I was up North we popped to the Metrocentre. It was good to visit a Simply Be and a Yours Clothing to actually get an idea of the clothes and fit before buying. It was not so good for my bank balance. 

This outfit is nothing special really, but I feel really good in it. There's something about leopard print that makes me feel utterly confident. No clue what that is all about. 

Excuse the crap hair. My hairdresser decided to give me an almost fringe which is single handedly the most annoying thing ever. It's too long to be an actual fringe, yet it won't go behind my ears, so I spend my days constantly touching my hair and giving myself a right greasy do. I have the ability of a 3 year when it comes to hairstyling so this is the result.

Leopard & Lace Cami (26) - Simply Be
Red Jersey Cardigan (24) - Yours
Ankle Grazer Jeans (26) - ASOS
Shoes - New Look

Monday 7 July 2014

Magnificent 7th

Magnificent 7th header

Another month and here we are with today's Magnificent 7th theme. This month the idea was to let someone else dress you.

I didn't really let anyone dress me in this outfit, but I did ask my husband for his opinion (which is rare) on 2 different outfit options. This was the one he chose. 

I worse this for my birthday dinner last month as I wanted to be comfy and smart. Jumpsuits are all kinds of awesome for comfort. I have about 5 now and I cannot get enough. 

The necklace was a bargain from eBay and adds a touch of colour to an all black outfit. I'm loving statement necklaces at the moment. 

I kept it simple with a black lace blazer that I've had forever and pink flats. The matte lipstick is by Mac and is 'All Fired Up', it has the most amazing staying power ever. 

Lace Cami Jumpsuit (26) - ASOS Curve
Lace Blazer (22) - New Look Inspire (old)
Pink Pointed Flats - ASOS (similar)
Necklace - eBay (similar)

Now go check out the other beauties...