Monday, 22 October 2012

Tight trauma

I am constantly on the look out for decent tights that don't wrinkle round the ankles or end up making me walk around like a penguin. Fine if I want plain black tights (although that has been a struggle), but in anything other than that - well it's no mean feat.

Last week I ordered (against my shopping ban, I know but I was desperate), 4 pairs of Pamela Mann plus sized tights. They aren't cheap, but given they are size 20-26, I was fairly confident I'd found the answer.

I was pretty pleased when the tights arrived, they looked like everything I hoped they'd be.

I happily pulled on the leopard print pair this morning, only to discover that they don't even cover half of my backside. Given these cost me just shy of a tenner, I am pretty pee'd off. I've had to adopt a granny style and wear a pair of pants over the top of them to stop them completely falling down. Currently the waistband is somewhere mid thigh, my dignity only spared by my extra pants. Now these are plus size tights and I am pretty much always a size 22/24 on my bottom half, so why don't these blooming well fit? The waistband is pretty rubbish - far too flimsy so even if I could fit my bum into them, I'd not be confident that they'd stay put.

They look kinda nice if you can't see what's happening under my dress...

Can anyone tell me where I can get decent, colourful tights, that won't sag or fall down? 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Tickled Pink

I need a new coat, this one is 3 years old and starting to look worn. I love it though and I've struggled to find anything that comes close. The rest of the outfit seems to be following suit with me at the moment, all a bit 'meh'. I need to stop turning to black trousers and cardigans when the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

The top was from the ASOS Sale and it's a bit risqué for work, it's a size too big and tend to slip down exposing most of my bra via the lace panel, but I can live with that. The pink in real life is a lot more vibrant than it looks on the website and not normally a colour I'd go for, but I like it. 

Military Coat (20) - Clothing at Tesco
Snood - Dorothy Perkins (similar)
Lace front camisole (22) - ASOS Curve
Ankle length Trousers (24) - Simply Be (similar)
Boyfriend Cardigan (20) - Evans (similar)
Studded Ballet Flats - Oasis

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nelly the elephant

There is absolutely nothing exciting about this outfit, but I'd been lusting after the various animal print shirts that ASOS Curve has been producing of late, and I kept missing out. When I saw this elephant print shirt, it had to be mine. 

Me and shirts don't really get on. They either gape around the boobs or they are too tight to wear loose over my mahoosive bum. Unfortunately, this one suffers from the latter. I had planned to wear it loose over a pair of skinny jeans or trousers, but it wasn't meant to be. Hence it's tucked into a pair of slouchy trousers. I'll probably wear it with a pencil skirt next time and maybe inject a bit of colour into the outfit, it's all a bit dull.

Elephant Print Shirt (20) - ASOS Curve
Slouchy Trousers (22) - Chesca (about 6 years ago)
Jersey Cardigan (18) - Matalan
Studded Ballet Flats - Oasis

How would you wear this shirt?

Monday, 8 October 2012

Date night

I bought this dress a little while ago with Christmas in mind. There is no way on this earth I could wear it as a dress, it's more of a peplum top than anything else, it barely covers my backside. Anyway, it's pretty risqué, you can see a lot of cleavage, but I'm never shy of showing that off. I love it though, I might purchase some other colours at some point.

The shoes I ordered a few weeks ago from ASOS, I also saw that the lovely Louise has her eye on them as they are pretty special! I've had a recent (pre-October and pre spending ban) splurge on shoes and ordered a few pairs of flatforms, some boots and a pair of cat shoes which I am sure will all follow at some point. I'm rubbish in heals, so flatforms are ideal for me. I really need to stop it with the shoes, I must have around 250 pairs now....


Lace sleeve skater dress (18) - Ebay
Gold Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Tartan Flatforms - ASOS
Jersey Troursers (22) - Evans (last season)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Leopard legs

I've probably posted before about my love for printed and coloured trousers, so when I saw these jeans on the ASOS website, I made a hasty purchase at the weekend.... along with numerous other items which I'm yet to even try on. As of the 1st October, I am on a month long spending ban. No clothes, shoes, toiletries or make up. I have so much of everything and I need to reign in my spending a little. It's the 5th of October and already I'm waking up in a cold sweat at the thought of not buying stuff!

Anyway, I had planned to wear these jeans with a new jumper I purchases last week from Dorothy Perkins, but it was very see through, so this was a last minute compromise. Showing my bra at work is probably frowned upon.

In other news, I had a manicure last night (a Living Social Voucher purchased before my spending ban!). I'm loving this colour at the moment.

Grey Leopard Print Skinny Jeans (24) - ASOS Curve
Slouch T-Shirt (20) -ASOS Curve
Jersey Cardigan (18) - Matalan
Studded Ballet Flats - Oasis

Some stuff I've worn...

This is a first out for this bird print coat from the Swan collection at Evans. It doesn't really fit me, but it was in the sale for £20 so I took a chance. It's not bad for throwing over a cardigan when it's a bit cold out side (i.e. today). I wouldn't have kept it had I paid full price for it, but for the sale price, it's not bad at all. 

I'm also sporting another recent Dorothy Perkins purchase. This Peplum top caught my eye online and when it had money off recently, I had no choice but to purchase it... I've paired it with my Simply Be Ankle Grazer trousers, I'm thinking I may need to start wearing full length ones soon, it's a bit nippy for ankle flashing. 

Spotty Peplum top (18) - Dorothy Perkins
7/8 Trousers (24) - Simply Be
Cardigan (18) - Evans (old)
Shoes - Steve Madden
Coat - Swan @ Evans
Scarf - Gap

Monday, 1 October 2012

Cosy knits

My name is Linz and I have a problem. I cannot stop shopping. I cleared my wardrobe out last week and donated 2 bin liners to charity, this seems to have given me an excuse to restock. Thankfully everywhere had sales on last week and I am not one to resist a 30% off event in Dorothy Perkins. 

This is what I wore for work on Friday and then to head out for dinner with friends. The cardigan is lovely and warm and a departure from my usual black. Loving the lace t-shirt too. I'd normally wear this without the vest underneath, but for work, I thought I should opt for demure... 

This outfit is pretty much entirely Dorothy Perkins. There is more to come... like I said, I have a problem.

Cream flocked lace t-shirt (20) - Dorothy Perkins
Neutral Stithcy Aztec Cardigan (XL) - Dorothy Perkins
Glasses - Select Specs
Jeggings (22) - Dorothy Perkins 
Shoes - Steve Madden