Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tell me about it, stud.

As soon as I saw this coat on ASOS Curve, I wanted it. I popped it in my shopping bag awaiting pay day, and then it was gone. So it became an obsession. I was checking the website daily, and it was never in stock. I tweeted the ASOS Curve buyer and she told me unfortunately that was the end of it. I was distraught (well not quite, but I was disappointed) so I gave up. Then on Saturday I was checking my saved items on ASOS and low and behold, it was available in my size. It was meant to be.

Now I have my usual problem with this coat, in that my massive bum means I'd need to size up to get it to fasten properly, but then it looks like I am wearing my dad's coat, so I went for the "ability to only fasten the top buttons" option. I'm ok with that. 

Studs, military and pleather... what's not to love? Well - apart from the dodgy fish like smell from the pleather which I am currently febreezing the heck out of, I think this coat was worth my obsessing. 

I wore it with a slouchy jumper and a striped pencil skirt. The quest for tights continues. I ordered a couple of pairs from Evans but they were round my knees by lunch time so I'm going to check out "We Love Colors" as recommended by the lovely Hanna. If that fails me, it's back to leggings for me.

I'm quite fond of the pencil skirt, slouchy top look at the moment. 

 Studded Coat (22) - ASOS Curve (similar at Very)
Slouchy Dip Hem Jumper (22) - Simply Be
Striped pencil skirt (20) - Dorothy Perkins
Studded flats - Steve Madden
Tights (size 3) - Evans

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Polka Dots and spending a lot....

I've not posted for a while, a combination of illness, work stress and generally looking like crap has left me feeling a little bit of a mess of late. However, I'm now feeling a bit more healthy and I've been spending money like it's going out of fashion, so I've some new stuff to show you. You lucky people.

These photo's are pretty rubbish. I keep trying to get photos taken by my dear husband, but the lighting has been really crap, or we've been too drunk to take any decent ones (ha, we sound like lushes). Anyway, nothing exciting about this outfit, but the jeans are spotted!

I managed to get them from Evans when they had a 24% off event, along with Dorothy Perkins and their 25% off extravaganza, I was shopping all over the place. I also eventually had my chest properly measured, so ended up almost bankrupting myself in Bravissimo..

Spotty jeans, what's not to love? I've toned them down with a comfy jumper, but I can very much see these being worn for a night out as well.

Black skinny spotted jeans (24) - Evans
Grey/White dipped hem jumper (XL) - Dorothy Perkins
Studded Flats - Oasis