Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lovely Lady V

Excuse my mostly miserable face. I've had a cold (man flu) for the past few days which has totally wiped me out. Today I actually got out of bed and came to work. I thought I'd inject some colour into my life to detract from the pasty face.

This dress is my second Lady Vintage dress and it's another firm favourite (my other one is here). I snapped it up in their recent sale for a bargainous £15. I love the cut and style of these midi dresses. They are very flattering with their nipped in waists, generous in the boob area and a good length for someone like me who hates their legs. I'm 5' 8" and this sits below the knee which is ideal. 

I will definitely be snapping up more of these dresses. They are such good value for money.

Obviously since it's like The Apocalypse outside, I've had to try and make this very summery dress a bit more in keeping with the weather. Tights, a woolly cardie and a scarf did the trick. I'm a fan of Autumn, but mostly when the sun still shines, the rain is not my favourite thing!

Jade green midi dress (20) - Lady V London 
Woolly Boyfriend Cardigan (18) - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Tights - ?? 
Studded Suede Ballet Pumps - Oasis

How are you all coping with the sudden drop in temperatures? 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Floral fancy

I'm trying to brighten up a very dreary day. The weather is abysmal, our office is currently doubling up as a deep freeze and I'm suffering a distinct lack of sleep, so all in all a rather miserable Monday.

I've attempted to cheer myself up with these fabulous Floral trousers from Simply Be. I'd been coveting them on their website for a while and then I saw a few other bloggers wearing them and that was it, they had to be mine.

I'm a big fan of printed trousers. These are no exception. The fit seemed a bit on the small side (or maybe I've grown) but they do have a bit of stretch in them so they become more comfy as you wear them.

I've gone for the safe option of a black jumper (also new) as it's nice and snugly and I'm bespectacled due to lack of sleep. I think these trousers will be worn with a variety of colours though. It's love.

Floral Print Trousers (24) - Simply Be
Slouchy Jumper (20/22) - Jeffrey & Paula @ Simply Be
Studded Pumps - Steve Madden
Glasses - Select Specs

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Studs and pleather

I've been after a leather biker jacket for a while, but given I've recently spent a small fortune on getting wed, I need to be a bit frugal with the old finances for a while so it had to be pleather. I've been looking at this jacket in New Look for an age, but when it started to sell out, I had to take decisive action and purchase it sharpish. Good job I did because it seems to be gone now. I'd have cried.

I'll be honest folks, I am in love. It doesn't look too fake to me, it fits really well and it's exactly the style I wanted. I have been wearing it with everything.

Another recent purchase was these studded flats. OMG, they are amazeballs (did I mention I was meant to be saving money?). I bought these in the airport on my way to Italy, so they were a bit cheaper but I'd have bought them anyway. I'm now in possession of 4 different pairs of studded flats. I think I have a problem!

The rest of the outfit is pretty old. I'm trying to liberate my wardrobe a bit and stop buying new stuff all the time. I don't expect it will last :)

PU Black Biker Jacket (20) - New Look Inspire
Striped Skater Dress (20) - New Look Inspire
Heart Print Cardigan (20) - Clements Riberio @ Evans
Red Skinny Belt - Dorothy Perkins 
Black Jersey Trousers (22) - Evans
Black Studded flats - Kimmie by Steve Madden

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wedding holiday wear

So I'm back. I had an amazing time and am totally gutted it's all over. I'm not sure working for a living is something I enjoy. My lottery efforts are now doubling... 

First up, huge thanks for all of your lovely comments on my last post with the few wedding photo's. You all rock!

There are more wedding photo's over on the other blog if you fancy a nosey, but I imagine you're bored of seeing me in a white frock already :) Italy was brilliant, I can't wait to go back to Sorrento. I just wish the time hadn't flown as quickly as it did. Our wedding was everything I dreamed it would be. If only we could do it every year (minus the expense!). 

I had intended to take photos of most of the stuff I wore while I was away, but my iphone had a run in with some water which rendered it useless for a few days and then I kept forgetting. So here's a dump of the ones I did manage to take! Excuse the millions of photos, you've probably seen most of this before. 

Bandeau Maxi Dress (20) - ASOS Curve
Aviator Sunglasses - Rayban

Leopard Swing Dress (20)  - Queen of Holloway
Leggings (XL) - Store 21
Sandals - Dorothy Perkins

Trousers (24) - Angel Ribbons @ Simply Be
Longline Vest (20) - Evans
Sandals as before 

Red Maxi Dress (22) - ASOS Curve 
Black Jersey Cardigan (18) - Matalan
Leopard Sandals - Dorothy Perkins
Waist Belt - Ebay

Jumpsuit (22) - M&S
Jersey Cardigan (18) - Matalan
Rose Gold Shoes - H&M

Leopard Maxi Dress (20) - New Look
Shoes - Zara

Polka Dot Midi Dress (20) - Lady V London
Rose Gold Flats - H&M

And finally, this is what I changed into on the night of the wedding. A lovely Circle Dress from Bettie Page which I bought last year in Las Vegas in case I couldn't find a wedding dress I liked. 

I wore it with a red petticoat, red flat glitter shoes and my Tatty Devine necklace. This was a lot more comfy than my wedding dress! Excuse the bad photos, they are the best ones I have at the moment. This dress was gorgeous. I won't ever wear it again in white so I am considering getting it dyed so I can get more wear out of it... or maybe I'll just buy more colours.

 Alika Cirlce Dress (2X) - Bettie Page
Red Glitter Flats - Buffalo Shoes
Red Petticoat - Ebay
Just Married Necklace - Tatty Devine

 Phew. Normal service will now resume. The weather has definitely turned colder, so I'll be packing away all my summer clothes (sob) and getting all my knitwear back out of storage. I'm already eyeing up numerous pieces online which I must try to resist buying.

I hope you've all been well in my absence. I've a lot of catching up to do!


Monday, 3 September 2012