Friday, 30 March 2012

Lazy Stripes

Dorothy Perkins, you are killing me with a 30% off event. I cannot refuse you at the best of times.

I popped into there yesterday during my lunch break and came out £115 lighter - convincing myself I'd gotten a good deal as I'd saved nearly £40. Maybe I should have bought more. I am now online making sure there is nothing I missed. I'm just doing my bit for the economy. 

One of the things I came away with was this dress which I am currently loving. I might have to buy a few more - especially given they are currently a steal at £16. 

It's navy, but not sure you can really tell that from these photos. They aren't the best quality, but then at least they aren't in my office loo's either. 

This dress is very comfy, and fairly roomy. I love the fact that the wrap over front doesn't display my breasticles for all to see and I don't need to wear a vest underneath to protect my modesty. I perhaps need a belt with it, but I'm working from home today, so it's the next best thing to lounging around in my PJ's. These leggings are really good quality for the price, I'm going to snap up a few more pairs.

 Navy & Ivory striped wrap dress (18) - Dorothy Perkins 
Navy Leggings (XL) - Store 21
Grey Bow Pumps - Dorothy Perkins (last season)
Grey Cardigan (18) - M&S Limited Collection (last season)

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