Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Baby bird..

These pictures are pretty rubbish quality as I'm home alone our mirror doesn't allow for the best shots. Will try harder, sorry! Nothing overly special about today's outfit, but I'm a big fan of this bird print T-shirt. Perfect with my jeans and a cardie for a quite day working (ahem) from home. They didn't seem to have it in any of their other ranges but Maternity, but it's not exactly massive. The quality is pretty decent - you can't really see my bra through it unlike some other white t-shirts I have and it's fairly long so it doesn't ride up. Plus there's a handy side tie... for erm... well I'm not sure.

A nice shot of our bathroom sink and hallway

White Bird Print top (18) - New Look Maternity
Navy Cardigan (XL) - Gap many moons ago
Skinny Jeans (22) - New Look Inspire
Shoes - ASOS


  1. I want to come and raid your wardrobe(s)! ;)

  2. I really like that bird print too, which is unusual, because as a rule I hate birds on fabric ( particularly upholstery ) You wouldn't know it was maternity wear, and in any case I've found bump clothes to be cut much more sympathetically for someone like me who is relatively small on top compared to my middle. Normal larger sizes usually have too much bosom room for me.