Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Where the wild roses grow

Ok, so they aren't roses, but I don't really know what the flowers are on this dress. It's very summery and makes me feel all girly when I wear it and I was in the mood for a girly kind of day. However, it creases massively, so I end up looking like a bit of a mess after a day of wearing it. Still, it's pretty enough to over look that little problem.

I love this shape of dress, fitted over the bust, but roomy enough for my 38G's, nipped in at the waist and then flaring out over my large hips and thighs. I'd like it to be a bit longer, but I'm fairly tall so this tends to be the case with most dresses.

Oh and we are back to toilet photo's. I will try now we have lighter evenings to get some more outdoor shots so you don't have to keep seeing my work loo's.

Not really sure about the back, it should probably be tied in a bow 

Obviously I still need to wear a cardie......

Flowery Sun Dress (20)  - Dorothy Perkins (last season)
Black Leggings (XL) - M&S
Peep Toe Corsage Polka Dot shoes - Dorothy Perkins (last season)


  1. such a luvly dress! ^^<3 love the print <3

  2. Very pretty dress on a very pretty lady! Love the shoes too! I hate ironing! lol

    1. Thank you! I also hate ironing. In fact I don't even know where our iron lives :)


  3. gorgeous dress!!!! I love girly dresses :)