Saturday, 17 March 2012

Football widow

Oh good the football is on. This means I lose my fiancé for the next 90 minutes and have him replaced by some shouting loony. Thankfully the pub has wifi so I can stay in contact with the real world.
I really like this 'dress' but on me, it barely skims my Harris so leggings are definitely required. The belt has come in handy on a few occasions too.

Black and white striped skater dress (18) - New Look Inspire
Jersey zip fly trousers (22) - ASOS Curve sale (still on eBay)
Peep toe flats - Dune (last season)

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  1. Cute dress! Looks luvly!^^d
    I often have the same problem
    with dresses..very short. Wish I was young
    and skinny legged enough to show it off..but nope. xD I prefer to keep my cellulite chickens hidden. xD Thank heavens for leggings! ^^
    Have a great week! ^^/ MMxoxo

  2. I have that dress too, and I LOVE it! It is very short though, so leggings are definitely a must. (But to me they are a must with the longer dresses too, haha.) The shoes are super cute too!