Monday, 19 March 2012

I want to love you...

....but you really hurt me.

I fell in love with these shoes when I got my latest Stylist Pick Showroom (Stylist Pick is a nightmare for me as I already have about 200 pairs of shoes so I really don't need this temptation every month, but I signed up anyway - sigh).

I live in flats, I resemble a man in drag when I try to wear heels. So a pump with a platform sole and in Leopard print - what's not to love??

Well nothing much - other than the fact they are bloody painful to wear. They are really rigid and very tight, I feel like they are cutting off the front of my toes and I worry I am about to topple over. I'm always a size 8, but these feel too small. My toes are right up against the front and it's blooming sore! I'll persevere though as I love the style. I guess I'll just have to accept walking like I've barbed wire encasing my toes until they give a little.

Navy Skater Dress (20) - New Look Inspire Sale 
Indigo Skinny Jeans (22) - New Look Inspire
Astrid Flatform Courts - Stylist Pick
Bow Leopard Print Skinny belt - ASOS Curve (similar)


  1. I love the shoes, and the dress, and the belt! What a shame that the shoes are too tight, they're gorgeous!!!


  2. love your leopard accessories! those shoes look like they would be so comfy too! :( also your boobs look fab in this dress! x