Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Some stuff I've been wearing - part 2

Work is utter pants at the moment, which means limited blogging time available. Clearly I'm still getting dressed most days, so here's a few crappy outfits for you to cast your eyes over. I made a massive attempt to get the camera on self timer at the weekend so you'd not have to endure more mirror shots but it failed massively. 

Any tips for getting better photos?

Work wear
Lace Peg trousers (24) - ASOS Curve
Red Vest (18) - Peacocks
Studded Pumps - New Look
Black Cardigan (20) - Evans

Friday night out with the girls - another Asda purchase (the place is dangerous). I wanted to wear this top with a skirt, but I didn't have one that seemed to work.... Maybe I need to purchase?!

Blue Sequinned Vest (18) - George at Asda
Navy skinny jeans  (22) - New Look Inspire
Jewelled Sandals - Zara
Navy Cardigan (XL) - Gap 
Lace print scarf - Primark

Work Wear again
My final Asda purchase! I've only a pair of leggings not yet worn from last week's splurge now.... Expect them soon... 

Striped Shell top (20) - George at Asda
Black Skinny Jeans - Blog sale - A monkey Fatsionista
Black Jersey Cardigan  (18) - Matalan
Pink Metallic flats - H&M (still available in store)

We've had a bit of sun today so I'm in a dress again, I know it's not meant to last so I thought it best to make the most of it. Expect photos of this rare event tomorrow - possibly even taken by someone! 


  1. Crappy outfits my *beep*. ^^
    All lovely. ^^v MMxoxo

  2. You look lovely in all of them, but my fave is the first outfit! Matalan have some good versatile skirts, btw :)

    1. Thanks lovely. I need to check out Matalan! x

  3. You look lovely in all three outfits, my favourite is a tie between the first and third outfits....but they're all great!