Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Search for Cherry Red

Another honeymoon dress that I couldn't wait to wear. I ordered a few things from Queen of Holloway a while ago - not realising they were based in China. I then read some fairly bad reviews, so had a bit of a panic (why I don't do the research first, I don't know. Too impatient!) but it all turned out ok in the end. They are rubbish at communication though, so I dread to think how you'd go about a return.

Shipping charges were somewhat hideous, I have to say, but the dresses themselves are pretty decent quality and reasonably priced. There is a lot of material in this one and it seems fairly well made, plus the size is pretty spot on.

I hadn't planned on wearing leggings as this dress is quite a decent length, but I completely forgot to shave my legs this morning, so that was a no-no. Plus my ankle is suffering a bit at the moment thanks to my bloody ligaments, so it's even more of a cankle than normal.

Another requirement for the Bosom Button. This dress is fairly revealing even with it!

Cherry Print Swing Dress (20) - Queen of Holloway
Oversized bow flats - Kurt Geiger
Leggings - M&S

Tomorrow is my hen weekend, so I'm off to York. I will be debuting the ASOS sequin leggings. Will try and get some photos if I don't look too much like 2 fat sausages wrapped in bacofoil!

Have a great weekend every body. I expect to be suffering on Monday :) 


  1. Hello I've nominated you for a blog award!
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  2. hii I just discovered your blog, I am newie in the blog business ;-)
    I love the dress and went straight to the website and there are so many amazing dress at a very reasonable price, thanks so much!!

  3. oohhh gorgeous! I love this dress! x