Wednesday, 25 July 2012

3 for the price of 1

I've really struggled with photos this week. Everything I have taken has turned out pretty rubbish and the OH is away so I've had to make do with these. Soz about that. You do get 3 for the price of 1, however.

I'm loving this weather, shame it's not set to last, but it's meant I can get some wear out of my many (oops) recent purchases. Sales, you are killing me!

I am a huge fan of maxi skirts and dresses, but I have to wear shorts underneath them to prevent the dreaded 'chub rub' - especially in this weather. I read a brilliant blog article the other day on this affliction - what do you guys do to avoid such issues?

Anyway, onto more pressing matters. What I've been wearing this week....

This Jersey Dress is from New Look, but wasn't in the sale. It's very comfy to wear, but massively revealing. I had to make use of my Bosom Button to protect my modesty! Work really didn't need a full frontal from me.

Black Jersey Dress (22) - New Look Inspire
Leopard Print Cardie (20) - Tesco
Leopard Sandals - Dorothy Perkins

The first of my recent sale purchases, was this lovely blue Maxi skirt from New Look. It has pockets and everything. The only trauma with it is that it shows any form of wet mark quite obviously. You need to avoid plastic chairs in the heat when wearing it :)
 Blue Maxi Skirt (22) - New Look Inspire
White Vest (18) - Dorothy Perkins
White Crochet Cardie - Dorothy Perkins
Navy Jewelled Sandals - by my sister

More Leopard and another New Look Bargain. I love the Leopard Maxi dress I have from New Look, but it does feel a bit ankle flasher on me. No such traumas with this little puppy.

Leopard Print Maxi (22) - New Look Inspire
Black Longline Vest  (20) - Evans
Jersey Cardigan (18) - Matalan
Gold Sandals - Carvella
Looking Glass Pendant - Zara Taylor

So, do you embrace the sun or do you prefer to stay cool?


  1. I hate the sun ! I like a cold crisp day :) I get chin rub so I wear shorts underneath if I don't have tights on xx

  2. I love the blue maxi with the white, and the leopard print is gorgeous, too! You look fab!

    I like the sunshine in theory, but I get overheated so easily. Right now all I can do is lie still under my fan in a sun dress and try not to move. I popped out in the car to the supermarket yesterday and could barely breathe in the humidity. I'm too acclimitised to being inside now, lol.

    RE: Chub rub: I used to get it a lot while working in the summer as the uniform was a heavy shirt and black trousers and our section rose to over 40 degrees in places. Even wearing trousers! So, I find for me it's best to keep as cool as possible ao my legs don't get sweaty and to wear as little as I can. I managed to walk around New York for a week wearing dresses with nothing underneath and had no problem!! At home I never go out without leggings under any dress that shows my legs and haven't had a problem for a while! Spraying magicool on my legs helps me, too. I've heard there are creams or sprays designed for the chub rub issue but can't remember what it was called. Another blogger recently blogged about it. xx

  3. I wear short leggings under skirts/dresses, or tights in the fall and winter. Works for me :)

    The second outfit is my favorite! I like the color combination, it's timeless really, and I love crochet cardigans... :)

    And omg awesome shoes in the last set!