Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lazy days

I've spent the last couple of days working from home as the Olympic Torch made it to our part of the world. I wasn't chancing the traffic as it's a nightmare at the best of times. This means I tend to slob around in 'lounge pants' and don't wash my hair, so I'm definitely not photo worthy, but I will treat you anyway. I'm kind like that.

This top is actually a dress and it's also on back to front. I like to mix it up. I'm also wearing maternity jeans. Quite possibly the most comfortable thing ever. Just like jeggings really, but with a bit more of a substantial waistband. These are the future.
 Leopard Jersey Mini Dress (22) - ASOS Curve
Maternity Jeans (22) - Dorothy Perkins
Red Pumps - New Look

Yesterday, we popped down the end of the road to see the torch. It seemed rude not to since it was leaving around 2 mins walk from the flat. I saw it for about 2 seconds, but there was a bit of a carnival atmosphere and the sun was shining. Happy Days. 

I really need to give Matt some tips on taking photos. 

Matchstick print trousers (22) - Clements Riberio @ Evans
Longline Black Vest top (20) - Evans
Jersey Cardigan (18) - Matalan
Leopard Print scarf - M & Co.
Sunglasses - Primark
Bag - Mulberry
Red Flats - New Look


  1. Wow, that looks so comfy! Love the trousers(sob), top, and scarf on you :)

  2. aw i think i must be from the same place as you cos it was in my town yesterday too :) i didn't get a chance to see it though it was literally too busy! x