Friday, 18 May 2012

Can I wear these?

I know these are really bad photos, but I just can't make my mind up. I love these leggings and I want them for my hen do, but, can I get away with them? My plan is to wear them with a long black vest (like the picture perhaps) and a peep toe heel. Maybe a slouchy blazer too.

My hen do is in York and since I don't get dressed up very often, this seems like the perfect excuse. I'm a Northerner and find that down South, people just don't dress up as much I used to for a night out!

I know you can't really see much from this photo, but you get a bit of an idea. I wouldn't be wearing the red shoes and I'd hopefully be less of a mess...
So, Ladies,  Yay or Nay?


  1. Those leggings are fantastic! Love them and you should DEFINITELY wear them for your hen do x

  2. Yay! LOVE those leggings, and they look fab on you. You should definitely wear them on your hen do. They're a bit different and all eyes will be on you!

    As a Southerner with a Northern family (Sunderland/ Newcastle) I agree there's a difference with how girls dress on a night out between the two. I wouldn't dream of wearing the short clothes the Geordie girls often wear!

  3. i love them you should deff wear them!! xx

  4. WEAR THEM! They look amazing. I'd wear them with all black, a long black top and black heels! The blazer idea sounds awesome too xx