Friday, 11 May 2012

Bloggers challenge 11

11 - Spring essential

I'm fairly sure we've completely bypassed Spring this year. Unless it's all about the rain.

There were a few things that sprung to mind for this one. First off my trusty parka which I tend to wear whenever it's not quite warm enough to go without but too warm for a coat.

Seen here and here.

But then I realised, pretty much every post you see me in, I'm sporting a cardigan. Call me an old granny, but I can't do without.

I've loads of them, black, grey, navy, red, purple & white, plus patterned, long and short. I honestly don't feel fully dressed without one. A cardigan can totally change the appearance of an outfit, how very versatile?

Striped, cream with sheer back, purple, red, hearts, leopard, lace back, coral, extra long boyfriend...

I must own about 10 black cardigans alone. Obsessed, much?

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  1. I love cardigans too they are the best! I love your heart print one xx

    1. Thanks! You can't go wrong with a cardie, can you!? xx

  2. I love cardigans, too! Wear them with almost every outfit. Gone are the days when cardigans were for old people!

  3. I'm a bit obsessive with cardies too. I go out of my way to find unusual / cool patterned and coloured ones but a black cardie really does go with everything....

    .... or so I tell myself!

    1. I totally agree - hence my obsession with black cardies :) I love unusual prints though too and can't resist buying them! x