Monday, 7 May 2012

Bloggers challenge - a catch up

I've not posted much over the last few days as I couldn't face switching on the laptop. When I do, I can't resist checking work emails and then I end up working on a weekend which is not ideal!

Anyway, I am blabbering, I've still been taking photos so this post will contain the past 3 days.

5 - Your best bargain

This is not really a bargain in the cheap sense of the word, but in the world of Mulberry (with which I am obsessed) this was definitely my biggest bargain.

I'd been lusting after this grey bag for months on the Internet and as much as Mulberry is the one thing I spend a lot of money on, I really couldn't afford the £695 price tag for a handbag. Then it was in the sale and was down to £500, but we'd just gotten engaged and I had my slightly sensible head on a the time.

So, about 6 months ago I had to pop up to Milton Keynes for a family lunch and was driving past Bicester Village on my way home.... there is a Mulberry shop in Bicester. This bag was still on my mind.

It must have been fate as it was in the shop on Sale for £195. Clearly still really bloody expensive, but at £400 less than the original asking price, well I was sold.

I love it, I use it every day for work. It's massive and fits everything you could possibly need in it. Plus is a gorgeously soft leather and the colour is amazing. 

6 - Something out of your comfort zone but you love it.

This has to be coloured jeans. My legs are by far the worst part of me. All of my weight is thighs and hips and I have always worn black or very dark blue on my bottom half to detract attention from the size of my thighs. However, I started to see a lot of coloured jeans in plus sizes and I was in lust. I didn't think I could wear them, but eventually I tried a pair in red and that was it, I was sold. I've now got 4 different pairs, all of which I love wearing. I think you've seen all of them before on this blog except the leopard as they are bit on the tight side, but I am working up to them!

Purple - worn here
Red - worn here & here
Blue - worn here

 Can you tell I don't do ironing??
Leopard Print - New Look Inspire
Red Straight Leg - Evans

7 - A special occasion outfit

I've had a lot of weddings over the past few years and this has to be be my favourite outfit. My Vivien of Holloway dress. I went for black as I thought I'd be able to dress it in numerous different ways - on this occasion, I opted for red. I love this style of dress with a big petticoat underneath. 

50's Halter-neck Circle Dress - Vivien of Holloway
Red Stretch belt - Vivien of Holloway
Red Petticoat - Ebay
Red Flower - Ebay
Bag & Shoes - My sister.

This dress comes  a close second but I don't have any decent photos of it!


  1. I love VOH dresses they are too small for me :( maybe they will start doing bigger sizes fingers crossed. the dresses look lovely on you and from what I've seen your legs are good :) xx

    1. Thanks so much :) My legs are my nemesis! I love VOH too, I considered one for my wedding dress, but am having something made instead. I may still buy one as a back up - just in case!

  2. Firstly- amazing bargain on the Mulberry bag! I love Bicester Village- my Guess sun glasses came from there. I think I saved like £75! You look fantastic in coloured jeans! It was a trend I admired but was wary of until one day I tried on a pair of coral ones, got hooked, and decided they were actually quite flattering. I now have five pairs. And I love your special dresses. You look amazing in them! Particularly love the polka dot one!

    1. This bag is my most favourite possession. I love it!

      Coloured jeans do rock, I never thought it was something I could get away with.

      Thanks for the lovely comments re. the dresses, it's so nice to get all dolled up every now and then x