Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bloggers challenge 15 &16

I'm struggling with some of these posts, but I am stubborn and I hate to give up on something once I've started so I've been wracking my brains for inspiration.

Day 15 - Nail varnish collection

Well for starters, I never paint my finger nails. On the odd occasion that I do, it looks like my 4 year niece has been let loose with the varnish and it pretty much always chips within about an hour of wearing it. At the very most, I use a clear varnish on my fingers.

I do however, paint my toenails. Especially in the summer. I don't like the look of toenails when they aren't painted (I totally hate feet) so I always make sure my nails have some sort of varnish on them. My current colour of choice is red.

 All my pots are kept in a vanity box under the sink. I seem to have a lot more than I thought!

 Barry M has to be my favourite, cheap and cheerful and loads of colours to choose from.

I'm considering a shellac manicure/ pedicure before my wedding. Anyone got any experience of these?

Day 16 - Something customised.

I didn't think I was going to be able to answer this one. My sewing skills amount to just about being able to sew a button on. However, it doesn't say customised by me, does it? So this is all done by my sister. She is quite clever.

My wedding bouquet - made from buttons. I lost half of my finger ends threading these buggers onto wire. My sister did the creative part, I love how it has turned out.

Wellies - I got these made for the Rewind Festival last year. They are great because they are wide and fit over my fat calves - plus my sister made them look pretty. 

Converse. She is doing me a wedding pair too.Got to love a bit of bling!


  1. Firstly, Barry M is my fave, too, and we have some of the same ones. I always have my toe nails painted, too.

    Is that seriously your wedding bouquet?! It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen!! I love something a little bit different, and it'll definitely be a focal point for your guests to comment on and remember!

    Can't beat a pair of converse, either! xx

    1. Yes - my bouquet is awesome is it not? My sister is very clever! Wait til she finishes my shoes! x

  2. i love your bouquet its so cute! xx

  3. Love Barry M too, such good value and great colours!! I'd love a shellac manicure too, I'm so heavy handed I need to see something that doesn't chip! Those wellies are so cute, I need some haha xx

    1. These wellies are the only ones that fit my massive calves well - and they have crystals <3