Friday, 7 June 2013

The Magnificent 7th - Maxi

7th June already, seriously where is this year going? I've managed to somewhat incapacitate myself, so thankfully took these photos before I had a new accessory to wear!

Anyway, back to the challenge!

We will be posting on the 7th of each month, and the aim of the challenge is to create an outfit to fit the theme, using clothes from our wardrobes, and yes that does mean digging deep into the depths and finding those long lost clothes! Hopefully one of us won’t end up in Narnia, but you never know with a bloggers wardrobe!

This month we're talking maxi. I must own at least 10 maxis, they are my summer staple, but as soon as I saw this months theme, I knew what I'd be posting.

A few months ago a number of gorgeous bloggers were running giveaways to win a $50 dollar voucher for IGIGI. I've 3 weddings to attend this year, so had been eyeing up several gorgeous creations on the IGIGI website. I was so lucky to win 2 vouchers, one from the beautiful Dani and the other from the gorgeous Mhairi. Thank you so much ladies!

This dress is the Adriana in Ruby and it's freaking awesome. I'd been lusting after it for a while, but it's really not cheap. I ordered several different options from various other websites, but none came close in my head to this beauty. So I bit the bullet and ordered this along with another dress I'll be posting tomorrow.

This dress is made from gorgeous silky material and is lined in jersey material so no clinging. This is the US 14/16 which fits my 38G's perfectly and skims my thunder thighs! I'll be wearing this in a couple of weeks to a wedding in Santorini in Greece. The straps mean I can wear any bra without worrying about flashing and it just feels amazing on.

The sandals are very similar to the Zara ones I bought last year but with a more open toe. I really didn't need 2 pairs almost identical, but I'm ridiculous.

Adriana Maxi Dress (US 14/16) -
Sandals - Next
Clutch - Dorothy Perkins

Now go check out the other gorgeous ladies:



  1. What a gorgeous dress you look lovely xx

  2. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? And such a lovely IGIGI dress xx

  3. I hope the hand getts better soon lovely, steak knives are for steaks not fingers!!
    I love the dress, it will be great for the summer weddings too! xx

  4. Hope you get repaired soon! I love your dress, you look great! x

  5. Wow, the whole outfit is so glam. I love it! Xx

  6. Ooh lovely dress! I hope you feel better soon xx