Saturday, 8 June 2013

Flash the Flesh!

When a group of bloggers join together for a chat you know that the final result has to be super!! And so this happened once more when, a few days ago, we were talking about our preferences between mini and maxi and Becky thought that it would be great to create a challenge which goal was to show a little bit more skin and our body (but with style and no vulgarity) showing proudly our curves. And so it was born “Flash the Flesh”.

I'm generally quite happy to flash, the cleavage is always out, have no problem wearing a bikini when I'm on holiday and I've learnt to embrace the bingo wings, but my legs are the one part of me I struggle to love. I thought joining this challenge might help...

My left ankle is deformed after spraining it several times which doesn't help me love my legs. I've a lot of scar tissue which makes it look like a fat cankle!

Anyway, this gorgeous dress was another IGIGI purchase, normally I'd wear it with black tights but that would defeat the object, plus you can't really wear a peep toe with a visible toe gusset! It's a lovely black lace with a gold under slip. I love the neckline and the cut of the dress. This is a bigger size than the maxi dress, based on the measurements on the website (US 18/20) and it fits pretty well. I may need a bosom button to retain some modesty at a wedding!

cleavage - always a winner

I love these shoes and snapped them up when I found a 25% off code as they are very pricey. I never wear heels but these are fairly low so I hopefully won't break my neck!

Leigh Lace Dress in gold (US 18/20) - IGIGI
Studded Suede Peep toes - Kurt Geiger
Bandaged finger pre cast - Steak Knife run in

Now check out the other beauties:


  1. That dress looks amazing on you! Love the shoes too x

  2. You look fantastic I love that dress x

  3. Wow that dress is absolutely gorgeous, and you look amazing in it! I'm not a fan of my legs either, but yours are lovely! xx

  4. I feel you on the sprained ankle situation. I have spaghetti joints and have twisted and sprained my ankles so many times.

    That's a lovely dress! The shoes are super cute too. x x