Thursday, 2 May 2013

Holiday day wear

I used to always struggle with what to wear during  the day on  holiday. I don't do shorts because I'm not a fan of my legs & dresses only really work with cycling shorts on underneath due to chub rub (not really ideal for by the pool) . Then I discovered hareems and jersey trousers and I've not really looked back.

Here's a small selection of what I wore during the day, pretty much always the same uniform - hareems/ jersey trousers with vest, bikini and flip flops. Hey presto, comfy and oh so stylish :)

The good thing about these trousers is that that can also be worn at night and look all dressed up = minimal packing. A winner every time. 

Abstract Multi print jersey trouser (24) - ASOS Curve
White Swing Vest (18) - Matalan
Havianas slim fresh in Polka Dot - ASOS
Bikini Top (just seen through vest  - 22) - Simply Be (last season)
Sunglasses -Rayban

I pretty much wear hair donuts constantly when I'm away during the day. In Thailand, the weather was really humid so my hair was mostly fluffy. My hair is very fine, so a bun is usually the size of a 10 pence piece - with a hair donut, it's amazing and so quick and easy to do.

Longline Vest (20) - Evans
Large Blonde Hair Donut - Superdrug

Longline V Neck Cami (18) - ASOS
Leopard Print Hareems (22/24) - Ebay

Do you have a go to look during the summer?


  1. Cute outfits. Those hareems look so comfy! I only have a couple of pairs of cropped hareem pants from New Look, and they're great for Summer. I want some full length ones, though. Have you tried wearing cropped leggings under dresses in the summer? You can get knee length ones from Evans usually, I think, which would hide under a lot of dresses but help stop chub rub. xx

  2. sloggi do knickers with legs, not the prettiest but I wear them to stop the dreaded rub.,size:

  3. I like the second outfit and the donut bun.