Monday, 13 May 2013

A feat of engineering

I love a maxi dress, they are pretty much my evening staple when I am on holiday, but I've always struggled to find a strapless bra that can contain my puppies, let alone give me a cleavage or stay up. Enter the wonderbra ultimate strapless (beware of a bra picture coming up!)

This thing is amazing. It stays put (even after vigorous dancing), gives me a cleavage and allows me to wear my plethora of bandeau dresses. If you're up to a 38G, then I can't recommend this highly enough. Admittedly, if like me you can only fasten your bra's from the front, it's a bleeding nightmare as it is impossible to turn around, but that's a minor detail for an almost 37 year old woman who can't fasten a bra properly... 

The dress is a fairly bright print and pretty comfy and easy to wear. I have the same one in black and they got a lot of wear while I was away. The sandals are pretty, but really blooming painful. I think I need to wear them a lot more to get used to them. They smell nice at least.

very serious face.

Frill print bandeau dress (22) - South @ Littlewoods
Nude Lua Sandals - Melissa via eBay (available here)
Ultimate strapless Wonderbra (38G) - Figleaves


  1. WOW! You look amazing. That dress is so pretty, and it suits you so much. Love the sandals, and have to say the bra is pretty, too. Most strapless ones I see that fit me are just boring plain black or white. xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Definitely check out these bra's if you need a strapless one. They are pretty cool x

  2. You look stunning Linz, love the dress and the sexy bra, I was just saying the other day in Instagram how do I struggle with strapless bra at a 38E. I will definetely try this one looks fantastic on you. xx

  3. Got the bra on a 38 back and it's very tight, so tight I can't breath, the cup fit on the other side is excellent, I think I am going to buy an extender and try like this, xx