Saturday, 23 March 2013

Zip a dee doo dah

There's just something about this dress that I love. So much so, that I bought it in blue too. It fits well, there's a hint of sexiness about the zip front and it makes my boobs like pretty amazing, what's not to like? It's too short for me to wear with tights (I'm 5' 8" ish) so I've worn it with jeggings as my knees don't need to be on show. 

I love this tomato colour, it's a fairly orangey red. I just wore all black to minimise blinding my colleagues. If they had this dress in other colours, I'd be itching to buy. My bank balance is thankful it's not.

Zip Front Skater dress (20) - ASOS Curve
Black Jeggings (22) - Dorothy Perkins Maternity
Jersey Cardigan (20) - Matalan
Studded Slippers - Matalan


  1. Ooh wow that dress is amazing! It really does look great on you, and what a great colour! xx

  2. Really nice colour :) Great!
    Love, x

  3. Looking Fabulous! Loved the outfit.. All you need is a pair of designer eyewear with this outfit, and you will be out of this world..! :) xoxo