Monday, 4 March 2013

Chantilly Lace

Right, I've no idea why there is a demonic look on my face, but you'll have to bear with me. I wore this outfit last week when me and the boy went for dinner during a stay at a fancy hotel. We were just eating in the Brasserie so I didn't make too much of an effort, as you can tell!

This top is the same as the black one that I've worn to death, I love the style and the fact that it's a little bit see through so adds a hint of sexiness to an otherwise safe outfit.

Excuse the crap photo quality, I really need to sort that out.

Cream Lace Peplum Top (20) - Next
Navy Cardigan (20) - Next
Straight leg jeans (24) - Evans
Studded Flats - Oasis


  1. Cute outfit! You look lovely xx

  2. such a beautiful peplum top.