Friday, 8 March 2013

Invasion of the Killer curves

So last night, I was in our local pub (this is not news, I'm in there 3 times a week) happily minding my own business at the bar awaiting the arrival of my husband, when I heard a guy say to his mates "She could be a stunner if she lost some weight."

Being the nosy cow I am, I had a look round to see who he was referring to, when it became obvious they were all staring at me. Now, I am not phased by such bollocks, I am fat, I am aware that I am not everyone's cup of tea, but why does being fat make it ok for people to comment on my appearance when I am within earshot? I just smiled at him and replied "ah but if I was thinner, I'd attract arseholes like you" and supped quietly on my pint of cider like the fat bird that I am.

I guess I'll take it as a compliment that he felt the need to comment on me at all, but anyone with less confidence than me could be crushed by hearing this sort of crap - just remember people, we're all amazing regardless of our shapes and sizes....

And onto today, I wish I'd been wearing this t-shirt last night to stick 2 fingers up at the pub knob jockey.

I've had this t-shirt for a few months, but it's yet to make an appearance on the blog, but it's kind of how I feel today so I'm wearing loud and proud. I bought the largest size available as I wanted it to be slouchy and I love it. I've just kept it simple with grey skinny jeans and my studded wedge trainers, cos that's how I roll...

T-Shirt (XXL) - Betty Bee Vintage
Grey Skinny Jeans (24) - Evans
Studded Wedge trainers - Aldo @ ASOS

So ladies, be proud of what you are and sod what anyone else thinks. 


  1. Oh please ignore that idiot, you are and look beautiful, some people should really learn to mind their own businesses!! I loved your answer back by the way! xx

  2. Go you for have a brilliant come back for the ignorant twat. You're stunning just how you are; something he will never be no matter his size. I think he was lucky your husband wasn't with you at the time! Loving this outfit- it's so edgy. That t-shirt is fab, and I love those shoes xx

  3. well done you, while i wouldn't be crushed by what he said (well maybe a little) i'd never be able to come up with a quick come back quip. must remember what you've said. there really are some arse wipes in this world!!!

  4. Way to go Linz!! Good comeback too. There really are some ignorant wankers around and I think it's getting worse too.

    I love the t shirt and I have been trying to decide if I should buy it or not, but seeing you in it just made my mind up. You look fab!

  5. Some men are right dicks! Great comeback I'm rubbish with comebacks takes me a hour to think of something smart to say back lol good on you!! Xx

    ide love if you checked my blog out x

  6. You look so amazing and im so proud that my teeshirt has helped you feel beautiful and empowered.Keep on being fabulous
    Betty Bee

  7. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments. You all rock x