Monday, 22 October 2012

Tight trauma

I am constantly on the look out for decent tights that don't wrinkle round the ankles or end up making me walk around like a penguin. Fine if I want plain black tights (although that has been a struggle), but in anything other than that - well it's no mean feat.

Last week I ordered (against my shopping ban, I know but I was desperate), 4 pairs of Pamela Mann plus sized tights. They aren't cheap, but given they are size 20-26, I was fairly confident I'd found the answer.

I was pretty pleased when the tights arrived, they looked like everything I hoped they'd be.

I happily pulled on the leopard print pair this morning, only to discover that they don't even cover half of my backside. Given these cost me just shy of a tenner, I am pretty pee'd off. I've had to adopt a granny style and wear a pair of pants over the top of them to stop them completely falling down. Currently the waistband is somewhere mid thigh, my dignity only spared by my extra pants. Now these are plus size tights and I am pretty much always a size 22/24 on my bottom half, so why don't these blooming well fit? The waistband is pretty rubbish - far too flimsy so even if I could fit my bum into them, I'd not be confident that they'd stay put.

They look kinda nice if you can't see what's happening under my dress...

Can anyone tell me where I can get decent, colourful tights, that won't sag or fall down? 


  1. Oh no :( that's a real shame because they looked so cute! I bought coloured tights from Evans last Autumn and they've been brilliant. Really bold and well fitting. I get a size 2 because the size 1 are too short for me (I'm about 5'6''). They've got berry, purple, and teal on sale again right now here I'm going to invest in some new ones as soon as I can afford them as I've worn mine to death. xx

  2. We love colors are fab but you have to pay customs but seriously they are amazing ! I had some leopard print ones from yours but I've found fashion tights in the uk a very small fit eg a 26 is really a 18 xx

  3. Hi Liz, you know what, I always have the same problem with tights, I have been now for a couple of months investigating in the USA where sizes are meant to be bigger, I will let you know of my findings soon i am waiting for my order to reach me. Pat xo xo

  4. Oh my. Can totally understand your problem.
    Same with me. I`d love to wear tights but finding
    a good and fitting pair seems impossible most of the time.
    Leggings leggings and more leggings is how I get thru. XD