Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Not really sure how I feel about today's outfit. I had this vision in my head and it's not really the same in reality. Once again please excuse the crappy toilet photos.

I saw this top on ASOS Curve and immediately fell in love with it - except it doesn't really look like the picture on me. It's very long at the back - which is good for my massive bum, but I worry it's a bit too smocky for me. I'll probably try it with some skinny jeans next time and see if I fall in love.

The trousers were another ASOS Curve purchase. I'd hoped they would be a bit shorter in real life - more of an ankle grazer, and they are quite roomy so maybe I could have sized down. You can't really tell what they look like in the first photo. I look like a vision in black.

Black Jersey Top with dip back (20) - ASOS Curve
Lace Peg Trousers (24) - ASOS Curve
Studded Ballet Pumps - New Look
Glasses Necklace - ASOS

A close up of the trousers - I love the idea of them. Maybe just not them so much.

My current favourite necklace.

You can see the length of the top here - and quite how roomy it is. I reckon a couple of us could sleep in it one night.

Oooh - and I've gone wavy today. This is definitely an "I didn't want to wash my hair today so I've disguised it with Dry Shampoo and Curls" look (oh and I won't smile either, because I'm just too cool).


  1. Hey Lady! Loving the new blog. You are looking hawt! I really love that leapord print outfit.

    I think you've inspired me to make more of an effort and pop a few pics up. Good luck with PT tonight! x

  2. I think you look great!
    Been looking at the same items at Asos as well.
    Tempted to order ^^;