Monday, 23 March 2015

Feeling good....

I've not posted any outfit photos for ages. I've had a period of hating all of my clothes which lead to a massive clear out, wearing mainly black and  a few purchases (mostly shoes).

I'm going through a bit of a confidence crisis at the moment, which is totally not like me at all, so I'm going to post a few photos of outfits where I've actually felt quite good. Maybe it will encourage a bit more self appreciation.

Nothing earth shattering here, I tend to have a uniform of jeans/trousers and a top with a cardigan, but I'm trying to deviate away from my standards... (failing somewhat - there is definitely a theme!!)

Number 1

I've had these joggers for ages and never really worn them - until I saw the lovely Mrs BeBe rocking hers and I had to dig them out. They are so comfy, yet look like smart trousers. Winner. 

Black check joggers (24)  -New Look 
Black cross back vest (24) - New Look
Khaki longline cardigan (24) - New Look (sold out)
Point flats - New Look

Number 2

I have lived in this leather biker jacket since I bought it over Christmas in the ASOS sale. It's so versatile and great at this time of the year when the weather can't make it's mind up.

Jeans (26) - Junarose
Drape back, cross front top (22) - Boohoo
Leather Jacket (24) - ASOS (similar)
Scarf - Mulberry 
Shoes - Shoes of Prey

Number 3

I recently developed an obsession with lace up flat shoes. I also seem to have developed very expensive taste when it comes to them. These ones are so comfy, but I really cannot justify to even myself, how much I paid for them. Still, they look nice....

 Jeans (24)  - Junarose
T-shirt (26) - New Look
Khaki cardigan (24) - New Look (out of stock)
Shoes - Selfridges

Number 4

These lace up flats are a bit more of reasonable in price, but still not at all cheap. I love how you can wear them with jeans and instantly make an outfit look a bit more put together. Even when I'm wearing ripped jeans and a vest. I've now ordered them in orange too - which will take my lace up flat collection to 4 pairs. OTT much?

Jeans (26)  - Junarose
Orange cross back vest (24)  - New Look
Navy Cardigan (XL) - Gap (ancient)
Shoes - Boden

Number 5

And finally, I was at a Christening yesterday and became a Godmother. I have a million dresses that have all been worn once to various functions, but I wanted this dress as soon as I saw it posted by Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. The fit is not great on me as I am a total pear shape. It's too big on the arms and shoulders, but fits great everywhere else (I probably should have gone for the 20) I also managed to break the belt immediately, but I had so many compliments on it that I felt really good all day. 

Cosette dress (22/24)  - Lady V
Paisley net tights - Pamela Mann
Shoes - New Look


  1. You look great in all these photos! I'd be on top of the world if I could rock joggers like you can haha! Love the Lady V dress too.. I'm eyeing up the japanese floral version myself xx

  2. You look great, I especially love the lady V dress. I had a massive confidence lull last year, I spent most of it in work clothes and one particular pair of jeans when I wasn't at work. It has passed by but sometimes it just takes a bit of time and wearing comfortable stuff.

    1. Thank you lovely, it's strange how it comes upon us for no apparent reason. I am hoping it will pass soon x

  3. You look amazing in all your outfits. I'm struggling with my confidence at the moment, but it had more to do with my work confidence than anything, but it rubs of on other things too. X x

    1. Thanks Mookie, it's good to know that others feel the same way too. Let's hope we're both back to ourselves soon x

  4. I love every single one of these outfits! I hope you are feeling better soon, when I have a wardrobe crisis, I find that buying a few new things makes me feel better! Shopping band-aid!

    The lace up flats are the best! I do that too, buy them in many colours! xx