Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Weekend away

I've just spent the weekend in Birmingham with the husband, the rentals and my godparents. All very lovely. I spend a lot of time away but I do have a tendency to over pack. I made a massive effort not to do that this weekend and managed with just the following essentials.

2 tops 
1 jacket
A jumpsuit
2 x shoes

plus the necessaries (pants etc. commando is not my style and an PJ's - I have a phobia of sleeping in hotels without pyjamas). 

Night out number 1:

Let's completely brush over just how much money I spent on these shoes. I absolutely adore them, but I can't even begin to justify how much  they cost. So let's imagine they were a bargain. (Husband, if you are reading this, let's pretend you haven't). They're flat and a little bit awesome. 

I think I'm dancing.... 

Jeans (26) - Junarose
Vest (XL) - H&M
Jacket (26) - Simply Be
Shoes - Acquazzurra 
Bra (blatently on show throught the top) - M&S

 Night out number 2:

Oh Jumpsuit, how I love you. I have so many now and I am obsessed. They are so comfy and easy to wear. Especially good when you have a big meal planned (which is always my plan).

 Jumpsuit (24) - ASOS
Cardigan (24) - Yours
Shoes - Acquazzurra 
Necklace - Ebay

Day 2 - Casual:

I love this top, but I wish it was bit longer. I feel like I'm forever pulling it down. And these shoes... well they're essentially carpet slippers. What's not to love?

Floral Swing top (24) - Boohoo 
Jeans (26) - Junarose
Plimsolls - New Look

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  1. How do you make jumpsuits looks so stylish?? They just look all WRONG on me! :-(