Monday, 7 April 2014

Magnificent 7th

Magnificent 7th header

So I've finally managed to take part in a Magnificent 7th post. The photos are really bad, but I'm struggling at the moment since I'm working ridiculous hours, it's always pretty poor light by the time I remember to get outfit photos. Must try harder. Sorry!

This months theme is "something you never wear" and I decided on these leather trousers. I used to wear leather trousers every weekend when I was at Uni to go clubbing and I thought I looked amazing. They were a nightmare to get back up after hours of sweaty dancing but I felt awesome in them so I wore them every week without fail!

Not so much these days. I had an idea of how this outfit would look in my head and it's just not right. The waistband on the trousers is very tight, so I'm grimacing somewhat... and I think me and Kimono's are not best friends. I love the idea of them and when I see others wearing them I think they look awesome, on me I think they maybe look frumpy? Maybe I'd prefer these trousers with a jacket (and an extra inch around the waist). Any tips for stretching leather??

I love the top and I also have it in cream, looks quite dressy for a jersey vest top and I'm a fan of swing tops since I find them pretty easy to wear. Maybe these trousers will be confined back to the never wear pile. Thankfully I paid the sale price and not the original or it would be serious buyers remorse. 

Leather trousers (26) - ASOS
Lace Vest top (22) - ASOS
Kimono (22) - ASOS
Shoes - ASOS

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  1. You look fab! I think you suit the kimono and don't look frumpy at all, it's always hard when you're outfit doesn't look just like you imagined in your head x

    Beth Tinkerbell