Friday, 25 April 2014

Jump (for my love)

I am a massive fan of jumpsuits as I have mentioned many times before. Especially when I go away as you only need to pack one piece of clothing for a full outfit. Plus they are super comfy and look pretty cool. What more could you want?

My main trauma with a jumpsuit is my bottom half is bigger than my top, so they are usually a bit loose in places. This one has a gathered, elasticated waist which didn't sit right because of that so I've added a belt which you can't see, to reduce the baggy crotch look. 

There is a zip down the back which is potentially traumatic for toilet trips, but there is enough movement in the jersey fabric that you can manage it without a toilet assistant. 

These shoes are my current favourite things ever, I love the bright pink against the black. They are currently a bargainous £13.50 so I'm inclined to buy a second pair, you know, just in case.... 

No idea why I look like I am trying to snap my neck in these photos, perhaps I am trying to hide the double chin?

Jersey jumpsuite with lace insert (26) - ASOS
Pointed pumps - ASOS


  1. Such love for this jumpsuit!!! The lace insert is so pretty. I think I might need it in my life....