Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Seeing spots

Oh man, life is crazy of late. I've totally lost my blogging mojo, but unfortunately not my spending habit. I seem to have a delivery from ASOS at least once a week of late. Must stop spending!

These jeans are amazing, so I had to share. Also I have to share the fact that I am a tart and blatantly showing off my bra at work. Shame on me. I'm a manager now too. Not professional at all (and I don't give a monkey's).

These jeans are the perfect skinny for me. Comfy, very skinny, they don't sag and they stay up! They have just the right amount of stretch to accommodate my thighs and I love the colour. I may have to buy several more pairs for when they disintegrate. I sized up since they are Super Skinny and the fit is perfect!

I had to size up in the blouse as well to accommodate my backside and it's still a bit tight around the nethers, but I can live with that. There's something I really like about the prim and proper style of blouse and the total sheerness of it... 

Actually there appears to have been a bit of sizing up going on in this post... maybe I'm not sizing up in clothes and I've just actually sized up?? 

Ooh and I should mention the bra, as that is a bit saucy too... although it does give me the oddest shape, it looks good under sheer clothes with the straps. 

Super Skinny Jeans (26L) - ASOS Curve
Polka Dot Blouse (24) - ASOS Curve
Cardigan -(XL) - Vero Moda
Shoes - Next 
Bra - Figleaves


  1. Have missed you foxy lady! Very gorgeous you're looking too. Covet that blouse!


  2. Wow sexy manager! I love the blouse, I am very into them this season but also need to size up to accommodate boobies! xx

  3. I swear it must be the festive season, I'm so poor yet can't seem to keep out of the shops! xx