Saturday, 9 November 2013

The quest for the slouchy jumper continues

I have this vision in my head of the perfect jumper. I cannot find it anywhere. It needs to be long, oversized and have a lowish neckline so it doesn't appear too frumpy. It feels like it should be an easy quest, but it is not. It's become an obsession.

This number, from H&M is probably the closest I've come so far. I bought it in grey and black and I've worn  both a lot. My only gripe with it is the length, I'd just like a bit more of it. Oh and the neckline is a bit high.

I am obsessed with Red Boots at the moment!

 Grey Jumper (M/L) - H&M
Black Jeggings (22) - Dorothy Perkins Maternity
Red Boots - M&S

Tell me people - do you have any idea where I can find my perfect jumper?

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  1. I'm on the hunt too!! I even bought one that was close and then cut into the neckline to make it deeper and longer. Although in my 'perfect slouchy jumper' dreams I also look like Flashdance and my sweater has moustcahes all over it! ;) xx