Monday, 17 March 2014

Jump up, jump up and get down....

Oh I have been rubbish at this blogging malarkey of late. I've missed the past 2 magnificent 7 posts as I was sooo busy at work and then I went on holiday to Jamaica (Amazing place, gutted to be back). I didn't wear anything overly inspiring whilst on holiday as I made an effort not to spend too much money before we went away with the exception of this amazing jumpsuit from Cut for Evans.

I am a massive fan of jumpsuits, especially on holiday as they are so easy to wear. This one is fairly bright and you definitely stand out wearing it,  I got a couple of comments from strangers whilst we we away about how amazing it was.... Always good to hear.

My only issue with it is that the zip is down the back, I had a few toilet related issues as I couldn't fasten myself up fully afterwards, but if your arms are a bit more nimble than mine, you might be fine.

The material is a lovely stretch jersey so it's really comfy and the print is gorgeous. A massive thumbs up from me.

Jumpsuit (26) - Evans
Sandals - ASOS

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