Friday, 10 January 2014

Dress down Friday

I'm pretty fortunate in that there isn't really a dress code where I work, I can wear jeans every day, but Friday seems to be the day everyone goes casual so I tend to be even more slobby than usual.

I've been eyeing up Nike Blazers for a while, but I'm 37 years of age and convinced myself I would look ridiculous. I probably do, but since they were reduced and in my favourite colour, well I bought them anyway and the world has not ended, so I think we're good.

This outfit is nothing special, but it's pretty typical of my dress down days. And if you like something but think it's not for you, do it anyway, you might be surprised.

Nike Blazers - ASOS
Skinny Jeans (26) - ASOS
Slouch Top - ASOS
Parka - ASOS
Snood -Accessorise
Bag - Mulberry
Coffee - Wild Bean Cafe :)

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