Friday, 23 August 2013

Ripped jeans, skin was showing

I've not done any shopping for a while, which meant I had a massive splurge on ASOS on Wednesday, the plan was to order a load of stuff and send most of it back. Yeah that didn't happen, I'm keeping the lot. Clever. Expect a few more posts soon with my other purchases.

Anyway, these jeans. There's something a bit hideous about them, but I love them. I've never really been a fan of light coloured denim on account of my thunder thighs, but sometimes you can make an exception.

I've kept it simple with a black top and cardigan and my favourite bright pink pumps. I've also matched my bra to my shoes, cos I'm stylish like that.

These jeans are really quite ripped, I'm probably sporting a but much flesh for work, but that's nothing new.

Ripped Spotty boyfriend jeans - ASOS
Swing Vest - ASOS
Jersey Cardigan - Matalan


  1. I think you look cute :)

    Might I add, tho, that referring to "thunder thighs" concerns me. Self deprecation is one thing but outright negativity is a double edged sword. Your body is your body and that's that, embrace it. Also keep in mind -- what if a reader has similar thighs...or larger? Now she's been insulted, too.

    We, as women, need to stop tearing ourselves down for our ownsake, and because it tears others down at the same time.

    You looked cute. You are a pretty woman. Own that.

  2. OMG I love the jeans!! I went straight to the asos site to get them, are they as ripped as the look in the model? what about the sizing? x

    1. I sized up as I was worried they had no stretch and they are a bit too big for me so I'd stick to normal size. They are pretty ripped but nothing too revealing x